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Functions of Kidneys:

Kidneys filters out toxins from our body and perform many important functions.

  • It eliminates waste toxins such as uric acid, creatinine, urea etc. from the body
  • It regulates balance of electrolytes.
  • It creates hormones for the production of red blood cells.
  • Tt regulates blood pressure.
  • 5.It maintains bone health.
End Stage Renal Disease, It is a result of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which results to Kidney Failure. In kidney failure kidneys loses 90% of its overall functions. Patients should not wait until ESRD, they should start taking treatment in starting stages when creatinine and urea start crossing their borderline ranges, as Ayurveda can reverse kidney diseases.

  • Live every moment beauty
  • Hypertention: High blood pressure, cause damage to minute blood vessels of kidneys.
  • Diabetes: Due to side effects of diabetes glomerulus of nephron (Kidney Cell) get damaged.
  • Direct injury to kidneys cause its function loss.

Susceptible Persons(Persons at risk):
  • High Blood Pressure person
  • Gouty Arthritis person
  • Diabetes Person
  • BPH (Benign Hypertrophy of Prostate) persons
  • UTI (Urinary tract infection) patients
  • Persons with Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Infection patients
  • Persons who got injury to kidneys

1. Nausea and vomitings
2. High BP
3. Hiccups
4. Insomnia
5. Nasal Bleeding
6. Confusion and drowsiness
7. Fatigue
8. Weight Loss
9. Body pains
10. Uremia

1. Hyperacidity
2. Anemia
3. Skin infections
4. Liver failures
5. Seizures
6. Heart rate related issues
7. Brain Dysfunctions

How Ayurveda can help:
1. Prevention: (Prevention is always better)
(i) Maintaining a healthy body weight
(ii) Quit smoking.
(iii) Quit alcohol intake.
(iv) Eat heathy diet.
(v) Take a good amount of water.
(vi) Exercise should be the first thing in a day.
(vii) Get your KFT done routinely if you are at risk.

Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatments:
(i) Never let kidney patient to face any complication
(ii) Improves GFR
(iii) Works permanent solution
(iv) Panchakarma eliminates toxins(Urea, creatinine etc.)
(v) Improves kidney functions
(vi) Ayurveda recognize the route cause and treat the patient

Diet for Kidney patients:
Necessary item to include on daily basis:
(i) Take water in sips in whole day, Water intake quantity not to be that much that feet start swelling and should not be that less that urine colour becomes yellow and Lips and mouth should start drying, So every patient has its different unique quantity. (Water should be taken in sips. keep bottle with you)
(ii) Take cranberries 200 g per day.
(iii) Take red bell peppers, weekly twice.
(iv) Cabbage, salad or sabji weekly twice.
(v) Take Minimum 25 pieces of blueberries. Either directly or smoothie.
(vi) Eat two clove of garlic in morning with warm water.
(vii) Daily one onion in salad in night or Green onion in Sabji form can be taken
(viii) Apple with peels one per day.
(ix) Garnish salad with olive oil.
(x) Use olive oil for sabji tadka and Daal Tadka.

1. Daal(Legume), preferably moong, Toor or moth should be made in thin consistency like soup, add prescribed vegetables and take it weekly twice.(Make it like thin Sambar)
2. Cow milk daily, one cup.(150ml)
3. Paneer weekly once (to be taken on the day when daal (Legume)is not taken.
4. No non-veg, no fried items like Puri, Bhature as they will increase urea.
5. khichadi Roti chawal poha Upma Dalia to be taken in diet
6. Avoid Aloo (Potatoes), Shakarkand(Beet root), Jimikand(Yam), Kachalu(Taro), Saag(Green chutneys), Chatni and uncooked Tomatoes.
7. Add Kasuri methi in tadka.
8. Dhaniya (Coriander) and pudina(mint) leaves should be taken only for dressing.
9. Tomato in tadka can be taken
10. Carrot, cabbage, Radish (Mooli), Bottle gaurd (Ghia), Round Gourd (Tinda), Tori can be taken in vegetables.
11. In fruits, kiwi, banana, coconut, avocado, dry fruits, and dates to be avoided and do not eat citrus fruits.
12. Take Apples, Papaya, Chiku, Kharbuja, Tarbooj in fruits. Pomogranate should be takeninjuiceform.