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Leucoderma is an autoimmune disorder

That causes patches of skin to lose pigment or color. The condition is known as Hypomelanosis. In Ayurveda (the Indian System of Medicine), the condition is known as kilas or svitra.

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1. Ayurveda considers the cause of disease, irregular living style
2. Not properly following the rules of the maintenance of health
3. Food s drink habits, taking foods, which are inimical in nature, un-suitable to human
4. Weak digestion, Chronic Amoebiasis, Colitis, Intestinal worms etc
2. Heavy mental work
3. Due to certain medicine side effects
4. Non-vegetarian food

Sign and Symptoms along with Skin whitening may include; Irritable Bowel syndromes, Inflammatory Condition or Bowels, Epigastiritis, Poor function of Liver and Gall bladder etc

Ayurveda Treatment

1. Ayurveda have answer to cure Leucoderma, Vitiligo s other allied/similar condition
2. Ayurveda classics guide, the line of treatment


1. During treatment, intake of salt should be avoided as minimum as possible
2. Use only rock salt
3. Strict Vegetarian diet is preferable
4. Avoid to intake of sour foods, drinks
5. Carrot juice,Karelia juice, bathua juice is recommended
6. Udad Daal to be avoided
7. Milk combination with salty items or with cucumber or with banana or with jaggary or with garlic or with udad daal (Black Gram)is to be avoided
8. Heavy Meal to be avoided
9. During treatment; there should not be constipation