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Udvartana Therapy

Udvartana is a therapeutic dry powder massage and is one of the procedures in Panchakarma, the traditional Ayurvedic system of detoxification and rejuvenation. The term "Udvartana" is derived from Sanskrit words: "Ud" meaning to elevate or promote and "Vartana" meaning rubbing or friction. Udvartana involves the application of a dry herbal powder, often mixed with other substances, to the body in a specific manner.

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Udvartana is an exfoliating herbal paste massage with or without oil over the body against the hairs, in upward direction. It is an important therapy and mandatory inclusion for overweight issues.
• The procedure in which dry powder of herbs is rubbed against the body then it is referred as Udgarshana.
• The procedure in which paste of herbs is moistened with oil is used during massage is called Utsadana.
• Oil and powder herbs are selected according to prakriti and disease of the person.

1. Reduces excess of fat in the body especially useful in reducing subcutaneous tissue fat.
2. It reduces excessive sweating.
3. It liquefies and mobilises the stagnant morbid meda (fat / adipose tissue)
4. Increases stability to the body parts.
5. Promotes skin beatification.
6. Improves complexion.
7. Corrects imbalance of Kapha and Vata Dosha.
8. Leads to sense of lightness in the body.
9. Eliminates bad odors due to sweating.
10. Cleanse the body.
11. Opened the blocked channels, blood vessels and transport systems of the body, this enables free circulation of nutrients and essentials in the body.
12. Normalize skin agni (bhrajaka Pitta) which contribute increase skin immunity (so good colour and complexions are obtained).
13. Alleviates heaviness of the body.

Herbs used for weight Loss:
1. Triphala
2. Kolkulthadi
3. Kottumchukkadi
Herbs for Glowing Skin:
1. Yashtimadhu
2. Rose
3. Neem
4. Sariva
5. Chandana
6. Usheer
7. Khadir
Oils used in udvartana for weight Loss:
2. Kottumchukadi
3. Dhanwantram
4. Karpasastyadi

Oil used for udvartana for Glowing Skin:
1. Chandanadi
2. Balaashwagandhadi
3. Dhanwantaram

1. Obesity related complications.
2. High Cholesterol and triglycerides.
3. Overweight.
4. Diabetes.
5. Diabetic Neuropathy.
6. Exfoliation.
7. Metabolic Syndrome.
8. Lethargy and laziness.
9. Excessive sleep.
10. Sleeplessness.
11. Diseases manifesting due to over nutrition.
12. Neuromuscular disorders.
13. Parkinsonism.
14. Muscular weakness.
15. Muscular dystrophy.
16. To tone up skin and muscles.
17. PCOS.
18. To tone up the abdomen.
19. Hypothyroidism.
20. Amavata (Rhematoid Arthritis).
21. Cushing Syndrome etc.

Post Massage:
After the Udvartana massage, the individual may be advised to rest for a short period and then follow up with a warm bath or shower. As with other Panchakarma procedures, Udvartana should be administered under the guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. The choice of herbal powders and techniques is personalized based on the individual’s dosha, health conditions, and specific goals.

It’s important to note that individual responses to Ayurvedic treatments can vary, and Udvartana, like other therapies, should be performed by trained practitioners who consider the individual’s overall health and any contraindications.