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Causes of Childhood Obesity: Insights from Dr. Rosy Kaur

Introduction Childhood obesity is a growing concern worldwide, with significant health implications that can extend into adulthood. Understanding the causes of childhood obesity is crucial for developing effective prevention and treatment strategies. Dr. Rosy Kaur, an expert in pediatric health in Gurgaon, sheds light on the various factors contributing to this epidemic and explores the […]

The Ultimate Guide to Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatments in Gurgaon

Introduction to Ayurvedic Weight Loss Treatments Weight loss is a universal challenge, and in Gurgaon, the quest for effective, yet affordable Ayurvedic solutions is prominent. This guide delves into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to offer practical and budget-friendly approaches for weight management that honor both tradition and efficacy. The Importance of Affordable Ayurvedic Solutions […]